I've added something new!

web site – mjtomsho.com) you know that I have been both a manager, and a technical type. If you have been following this blog, or even if you have just joined me and have reviewed some of the older entries, you know that my passion is to find the effective way to do things. I have struggled for a while with how to integrate the concepts of effective management and technology. Well, my struggle is over. Starting today, I am breaking the two apart. Crypto-effectology is alive and well and will continue to be applied to management philosophy on this blog, and applied to technology on a separate blog: The Contrarian CIO. I hope you will join me on both as I continue to indulge in explaining to anyone who will listen (well, read) why it is really all about effectiveness – not productivity, not efficiency. Doing the right things using your strengths and talents vs. established ways or even “best practices”.]]>

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