Why wouldn't you want someone like this?

The You Show It is aimed at the interviewee, but I think interviewers should take notice.
Here are the money quotes: “One approach is to be reactive, to sit where you’re supposed to sit, have your resume appear just so, wear what you’re supposed to wear and answer each and every question in the safe and secure way. The other approach is to put on a show. To be in charge, to lead.

Some bosses don’t want to hire people who have a vision, a personality and a shtick. That’s okay. You don’t want to work for them anyway.” Read the whole post. An effective employee is always one who can think for themselves, who knows how to do their job and lets you do what you should do as their manager: get yourself and everything that might be an obstacle the heck out of their way. They do not make your job harder, they make it easier. If you feel threatened by such people, maybe you are the one in the wrong job. I wish more managers understood this concept.

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