Raving Fans

not doing some of the exceptional services described in the book. You may believe that your service is so unique or complex that your customers have no choice but to seek you out. Unfortunately for you, even something as complex as computer services is now considered a commodity (because of increased competition), or worse, the value to some companies is not perceived as sufficient to justify the cost. I would argue that providing an experience that “delights” your customer is more of a necessity now than ever. If you are considering cutting costs as the clouds gathering about the economy seem to be getting darker, consider cuts that might inconvenience you vs. your customers. If everything points to cutting service, then look for different ways to provide service. While I still do personal on-site visits, I am looking to conserve my time (and my client’s!) by offering phone conferencing and on-line meetings using software like Go-To Meeting. Consider how you might be able to add more value to an existing product or service. If it helps you keep a couple more clients, and maybe even gain some in bad times it will be well worth the effort.]]>

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