simple and easy

(not easy), it cannot be simple. Computer programming is a prime example of this. Computer languages tend to be quite simple. The list of commands you have available to you is often just a few pages long. Compare that to a modern english dictionary! Also, the number of ways you can put together those commands is relatively limited. What is hard is translating a process (like generating an invoice) into that computer language. That is where the work comes in. In a similar vein, management of people is actually quite simple. We have a list of things that need to get done in a certain time frame with certain resources available and a group or groups of people to do it with. Simple! What is hard is motivating these groups – teams – to get the job done. Books like the “One Minute Manager” are often scoffed at for being overly simplistic. Actually though, a lot of those types of books or concepts (like working to strengths!) are right: It is that simple. However, it is not easy! The choice is yours: Work hard on creating processes that are simple to grasp and organize. Or, take the easy route — which actually becomes working very hard on complicated processes that create unneeded work for you and your people.

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