can your network respond?

actually exists in the network, is affected by three key factors: 1. How common the request is to the network. The more common a request, the higher the probability someone in the network can handle it, or can pass it on to someone in their network.
2. The willingness of the members of the network to pass on requests to their networks. If every request stops at the first contact point, chances increase that the request will go unfulfilled.
3. The broadness of your network, and the networks of your network members. If you have recently changed directions in your personal or professional life, the requests that you have and may receive can change as well. Requests can become odd, or not fit the network (this can be a symptom that the third factor is not there). Are you assuming that requests are passed on to your members’ networks? Maybe you should ask. A broad network does not necessarily mean a huge network. It does mean diverse though. Cultivate relationships with people outside your circle. Just as computer networks need constant maintenance, your personal network needs care as well.]]>

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