when disaster strikes

maybe 15 minutes, most of the ants were gone; digging new tunnels and recovering what they could from the wreck I had made. A small cadre of ants remained out, moving sticks, pieces of leaf and dirt, and small rocks; rebuilding the hill. While few of us (I hope!) will ever experience the trauma of having the physical top of our house or business ripped off, are you prepared for a more “mundane” disaster? What if the market suddenly changes? Your largest customer dumps you? Can your team mobilize and regroup to face the new challenges? Will they? Not only must you have a disaster recovery plan, but your team must be there for you as well. The ants do it out of instinct and for what is essentially their family. Have you instilled similar feelings in your team, or are they just units of production? Are they just there for the job?]]>

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