vulnerabilities matter

Witching Hour Productions) provided me with a perfect example of how not being cognizant of your vulnerabilities can affect your efforts. Alex was writing an article on using magic (sleight of hand and illusion, not supernatural) to help children develop better eye to hand coordination, greater confidence, and other positive attributes. He went to Google to search for research studies regarding the subject and came back with nothing. I did a quick couple of searches and immediately found an intriguing study on the subject done in 2008 (they found it made a big difference – who knew?). Why would I, an “old-timer” (yes, I was working on computers long before the Internet), be able to use Google better than someone who has grown up with it? Simple. One of my strengths is understanding data and how it can be organized, and so how it can be searched. Alex is not wired that way (at least not to the extent I am). Now that Alex sees this as a vulnerability, he will not waste time doing searches for information – he will go to sources that can do it more effectively; saving him time, and getting him better data.]]>

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