doing what needs to be done

must be done. I have wanted to start exercising again for a while. It just seemed there was always something that had to be done first, followed by something else important, and suddenly it was the end of the day and exercise would just have to wait. Recently I made exercise a priority. I reorganized my schedule so that I could go on a walk daily. Not only did the world not fall apart, but I found that I was getting more done! I had known how my body and mind reacted to exercise – I had made it an important part of my day years ago when I was an IT Director, but for some reason in the last few years I just kept finding things that were supposedly critical and just could not wait. For me, exercise is one of those things that needs to be done. It is, to use Stephen Covey’s terms, Important but not Urgent. Look at your day. Are you doing the things that need to be done, or just the things that you think must done?]]>

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