we know what is best

know they did!), and they most likely truly did have your best interests in mind. Fast forward to adulthood. Amazingly this game still plays out with business owners, managers, and politicians, but I think with a lot less of our best interests in mind. While the phrase “we know what is best for you” may not be used directly, the actions and responses of people “in power” (at least with some power over you) cry it out loud and clear. The problem is that in most cases I do not think it is because they have some deeper knowledge or truth. They simply want to do what they want, and they do not want to have to debate it, and this is a nice condescending way to shut you up (of course we suspected our parents of doing the same thing, but I think we are a little more justifiably suspicious in this case). Debate of ideas is healthy; shutting down someone else simply because their opinion is inconvenient to you, or may force you to explain your position, is destructive. If you have kids, you probably do know what is best for them and feel free to tell them that. However, with the rest of the world, take the time to listen to what others around you are saying. It may not always be comfortable, but a true exchange and debate of ideas is unbelievably powerful.]]>

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