goals: the right way and the wrong way to reach them

just doing more of whatever they do, hoping that will boost sales or productivity by whatever imaginary figure someone came up with. The right obvious answer actually is: “By looking at what we did in the past and what is possible now, executing those things and letting the goal take care of itself.” If you want to achieve a goal, you need to put the goal itself aside and concentrate on doing the things that will take you to that goal. Simplistic statements like “work harder” will not get you to a goal. Posting progress to a goal will not get you to the a goal. Doing the things needed to get to that goal will. Measuring those things for effectiveness and changing course as needed will. Posting the things that are working, and push them will. Stop focusing on the goal, and start focusing on the steps to that goal. It will make a huge difference in reaching it.]]>

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