letting them choose the way

I couldn’t do that…
It probably wouldn’t work anyway… These are the kinds of phrases we use to limit ourselves. The underlying theme in all of these types of self-limiting statements is that we can’t do something or make something happen because of a weakness we have. A variation on the self-limiting statements above, but worse in its own way (and one that had trapped me for years), is: “I’ll just do this because that’s what I’m good at.” Whether “this” energizes us or not. Whether “this” makes us jump out of bed in the morning or not. Whether “this” actually engages our strengths or not. We let our vulnerabilities choose our way for us. Look at some of the ideals you have abandoned, projects you never started, or are still thinking wistfully about. Now consider what was the vulnerability you had that kept you from it. How could you work around that vulnerability? Now pick one and go do it. Feel free to share in comments. ]]>

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