in praise of doing nothing

everything that you don’t like, can’t do well, or aren’t comfortable with, but, it is truly amazing how many things are done both in business, and life in general, simply because they have always been done. A process becomes ingrained, and accepted as part of the status quo. Are there things in your life that really aren’t that important to you, but you were told throughout your life the criticality or importance of these things, or that if you don’t do them you would somehow be incomplete or a bad person? Maybe you just convinced yourself that these things, whatever they might be, were important (a simple way to denigrate yourself perhaps?). Admittedly, there is a fine line between deciding something isn’t important and using that as an excuse to not pursue something you truly desire (one is realism, the other an excuse or sour grapes). However, if you can keep that line clear, you will find yourself a lot happier and more effective. Can you think of something that plagues you but really and truly isn’t that important? Care to share?]]>

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