building the road, and maybe some towns along the way

“One in a million” Seth brings up that if you dream REALLY big (e.g., becoming first violin for the Boston Philharmonic) your odds of achieving that goal are actually pretty small – say, one in a million. However, if the steps along the path prepare you for other outcomes or take you down other interesting paths, achieving the goal or not becomes a lot less important. So determining the steps of the path first not only allows you to plow through where you know you will be using a strength and adjust accordingly when the path will exercise a vulnerability, but you can also set the steps up to enhance your current status (if nothing else), and/or create a multitude of paths that you can follow if the “one in a million” shot starts to look more like the million than the one. Read Seth’s whole post, I think you will see the wisdom in what he says, and how the opportunities you can create can result in a huge bonus when breaking down your goals and dreams into manageable steps (The third key to effectiveness – building the road one step at a time).

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