Lead, follow, and get out of the way

leads AND follows AND gets out of the way? Let’s break it down: Lead, inspire, have the vision, determine the direction to go. We all have the potential to lead, we all have dreams, it is getting people to follow that is the sticky part. I firmly believe most people would want to follow someone who does the next two things. Follow the ideas and suggestions others give you. Investigate alternatives that are different (even if, or especially if, radically different) from the ones you are comfortable with or commonly turn to. Someone who is not in front of the parade can still generate ideas and guidance for the one who is. Listen to the ideas of others and investigate or follow paths they suggest. Get out of the way of the group you lead. They are there to realize the dream, to reach the goal, let them reach for what you have shown is possible. Once you show them the path, the direction to go, ensure there are as few obstacles as possible, step aside, and let the people who you have brought together specifically because they have the skills to reach the goal do their thing. Lead, follow, and get out of the way. One small change to a phrase, one huge difference in getting things done. ]]>

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