doing the right things

– Peter F. Drucker All too often we are concerned about doing things right. We agonize over whether we did our job the way our boss wanted us to. Where we are the ones doling out the assignments we fret whether the people we have given those assignments are doing them the “right” way. So rarely do we ask ourselves “is this the right thing to do?” We do the accepted. We do the conventional. We do it well; we manage. What would happen if you questioned the thing you were doing instead of the way you were doing it? What if you thought, “maybe this isn’t what I want to do, this isn’t right for me”. What if you acted on that thought? You could fail. Then again, you might discover a path that you could pursue joyfully and where you excel. Leadership isn’t just about working with others, it starts with you. Develop the leader within: do the right things for you.]]>

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