talents vs. strengths

David Holzer can count that among his many talents.) But, is it a strength? For me to count something as a strength it must meet three criteria:
1. You need to be good at it.
2. You need to be good at it consistently.
3. You need to love it. If one of your talents fails any one of those three tests, relying on it as a strength will cost you at some point. You may fail at a very inopportune time, or you will go through life doing something you really don’t enjoy simply because you happen to do it well. The truly positive side to this is that many of us have a lot of undeveloped or at least underdeveloped talents. The questions you need to ask yourself are:
1. What talents do I possess that I currently do not include among my strengths?
2. What would it take to develop these talents?
3. How can I apply them? Number one and two are probably pretty easy; number three is the tricky one. More on that soon.]]>

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