will you risk it?

interesting piece by my friend (and very funny person) Trina Hess. The subject was creativity as a leadership competency to move companies forward in these rather interesting times (Trina concentrates on the humorous aspect of creativity, click here to read the whole post). I happen to agree with everything she wrote (I am a huge fan of the use of humor in business and life), so I started thinking, why don’t we see more of this kind of change? Why don’t we see the agents of change carrying the day throughout American business? Fear. While a large number of CEOs and business owners give lip service to the concept of creativity and the disruption that new ideas cause, the reality is that change and disruption are terrifying; the status quo is much more comfortable (even if ultimately fatal to the business). Thus, publicly the concept of change and disruption is encouraged, but as policy within the company? Not so much. This is important to know if you are going to start to bring your strengths and talents to bear fully at work, because it means you will be bringing change, and there is a good chance that it won’t be welcome (at least at first). Is it worth it? Almost certainly. Is it a risk? A huge one.]]>

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