Scott Ginsberg (the name-tag guy) is coming out with a new book “-able”. As with a lot of his stuff, Scott has highlighted something that should be obvious to most of us, but sometimes lies hidden: by applying yourself in the ways you are most “able” you can make things happen… in fact you will greatly increase the probability of those things happening. So let me add my own “able” word to that lexicon: “effectable”. If you are effectable, you are actually “able” in two ways:
1. You regularly effect positive change (i.e., make things happen; setting things up for others to be effective) both in yourself and in the world around you.
2. You are effective. Of course I mean effective in my definition of the word: “doing the right things, the right way for you”. Using your strengths and finding ways around your vulnerabilities. The two are intertwined. If you are effective, you will be getting things done that need to be done to advance your goals. Even better you will be doing them in ways that strengthen and energize you rather than weakening and draining you. You also set an example for others around you, creating an environment that allows for positive change and for them to be effective and deliver outstanding results whatever the endeavor. This is the stuff that drives successful individuals and successful teams. Don’t just stop at being effective, be effectable, make things happen for yourself and for everyone around you. You can find Scott’s book on Amazon by clicking here.

You can learn more about the book and Scott’s philosophy by clicking here to go to his blog]]>

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