delighting does not require perfection

their final goal (in the programmer/analysts case using your system to add and obtain information of some type). If expectations are set impossibly high, and/or it is a struggle to get help or report issues, and then wait days, weeks, or months to get resolution, then no, the customer most likely will not be delighted. However, if expectations are set that there will of course be some tweaks that need to be made, and when issues are reported they are promptly addressed (even if the solution is not always what the customer was expecting or hoping for!), then the customers needs will indeed will be met, and if the process to get there was as promised, they will often be delighted. Go ahead and look for ways to have zero defects. You may even come close (depending on your industry or your job – this stuff applies to workers too). But the real gold lays in helping your customer (who could be your boss!) reach their goals in utilizing your product or service. That is where delight can be generated. ]]>

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