The Mystery of The Curious Complainers

I could always tell when The Detective was on to a mystery, his impatience with me directly corresponded to the level of concern he had for what was confronting him.

“Watson! Where are you when I need you? Ahh, there you are Watson. Have a seat and some brandy, I have a mystery to discuss with you,” The Detective was particularly short this day. Not a good sign.

I took a seat as well as a small snifter of brandy, and bade The Detective continue.

“I have noticed a disturbing trend around election time each year Watson. Business people everywhere seem to descend into a deep hole of self-pity and recrimination against the rest of world about this time, and they seem to have no compunction about letting everyone know about it.”

“You mean they seem to be complaining constantly?” I volunteered.

“What’s that? Yes! Yes, excellent Watson, complaining! That is exactly it; all they can do is complain! It would seem that scads of these business people – entrepreneurs if you will, who claim nothing can stop them on their way to achieving their goals seem to be brought up short at this time of the year. Obstacles that hadn’t stopped them from developing their business so far, suddenly will utterly destroy them. It seems to peak around every four years; festering, and building until finally erupting into a massive waste of time and energy. Whatever the reason, I find it quite annoying.”

“What difference should it make to you sir?” I asked, quite sure of the answer, having been down this road before.

“None really,” he admitted, “but confound it Watson! Can’t they see? It is so bloody… so bloody…”

“Ineffective, sir?” I volunteered.

“Yes! Exactly Watson! Ineffective. Complaining does nothing. Only action changes things. Why worry about what might happen? Rather, adapt to change and face the issues when they come. I just don’t understand this complaining thing. They should all just stop it!” raged The Detective.

“Perhaps you should have some brandy as well sir,” I said offering a snifter.

“Yes, perhaps I will. Then we need to move on to the next mystery Watson. I fear this one is unsolvable,” replied The Detective, visibly calming.

“Yes sir, I am afraid your deductions are quite correct there. There are more effective uses of our time as well.”

“Well put Watson, well put.”

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