The Mystery of the Incomplete Explanation – Part 4

“So Watson, did you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday?” asked The Effective Detective.

“Yes, quite enjoyable, sir. Thank you, and you?” I replied, happy that our conversation was starting on such a light note.

“Very nice, Watson, ate more than I should, but not so much as to require anything for an upset stomach. Now let’s get straight to work shall we? I believe we had one more topic to cover,” answered The Detective briskly.

“Yes sir, that would be re-purposing,” I said quickly, sad to see the pleasantries go, but happy to get this last topic explained.

“Well, Watson, any of our friends who are in Internet marketing should be quite familiar with one aspect of re-purposing,” The Detective started.

“One aspect sir? I know there are many ways to re-purpose something, but I am unsure as to what you mean when you say there are multiple aspects,” I responded, feeling a tad confused, but intrigued that something unexpected was about to be introduced.

“Elementary, my dear Watson! Let us start with the classical aspect. That would be converting content that is presented in one media into another. No need to change the actual content much, just change how it is presented. For example, if you produce a video, then you can extract out the sound and have an audio recording that can be listened to when watching the video would be an issue.” The Detective explained.

“For example, driving your automobile,” I interjected.

“Yes Watson, a good example, or it could be while you are jogging, or walking, or just cleaning up around the house. The activity doesn’t matter, just by simply doing one thing, extracting the audio from a video, you have created a whole new set of content that can be, shall we say, consumed, in different scenarios than the video, enabling your users to gain more value. Of course, that audio could then be transcribed and an e-book or white paper created. Three sets of content aimed at three different ways to consume it,” concluded The Detective.

“So much for the classical aspect,” I began.

“Yes, quite, so Watson, let us turn our attention to a slightly less considered aspect of ‘re-purposing’. I refer of course to ‘re-purposing’ your clients or prospects themselves!” exclaimed The Detective.

“I’m confused sir. How can re-purpose people? They aren’t ours to do with what we please.” I replied, concerned about the direction the conversation was taking.

“Of course not, Watson, don’t be silly,” The Detective answered, “but, we can ask them to fulfill a different purpose than being our client. For example, a person who has just bought from you can be asked for a referral.”

“Yes, that is a standard effort in sales, sir,” I answered, starting to think that I knew where this conversation was going.

“Well, if you ask them immediately after making a sale, why couldn’t you ask them sometime later, after they have been using the product or utilizing the advice or service you provided? As always, you can offer them something of value to participate. If you can’t get a referral, then surely a testimonial. Hold a contest for the best testimonial!” The Detective concluded.

“Are there other things that we could, ‘re-purpose’ our customers for sir?” I asked.

“Ah, Watson, that is a question best posed to our audience. Perhaps they would care to volunteer some ideas, or at least use their imaginations for themselves? After all, we have gone on at length here, and they know their customers far better than we,” The Detective responded.

“Of course sir, of course. Until the next mystery then.”

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