The Mystery of The Marketing Trilogy Part 1

“Bah! Another hour of my life wasted listening to someone’s supposedly free webinar, Watson,” The Detective began our conversation, as he threw off his headphones.

“Supposedly sir? Was there actually a cost attached to said webinar?” I asked.

“No Watson, there was no monetary exchange, though I feel that a chunk of my invaluable time has been stolen from me,” sighed The Detective in a frustrated tone I knew only all too well. ” I am always hopeful that the amount of useful content will exceed the amount of sales pitching, but I am so often disappointed.”

“But isn’t that what we have all come to expect from webinars, and a goodly number of seminars as well? In the end they are just pitches for someone’s service, or the occasional product. ” I prompted.

“Yes, yes, Watson, but hope springs eternal that more than a select few marketers out there would adopt the far more effective Marketing Trilogy.” The Detective shot back.

“The Trilogy, sir? Are we talking Hobbits now? Lord of the Rings and all that?” I asked, concerned we were about to descend into fantasy and silliness.

“No, Watson, not that Trilogy, but the concept is simplistic as three words,” The Detective assured me.

“And that group of three would be?” I urged, now extremely curious.

“Elementary, my dear Watson, three words: Why, What, and How.”

“Perhaps you could expand on that, sir,” I requested quietly, my curiosity now most certainly piqued.

“It refers to a simple process of lead generation and sales Watson. It can be used with webinars, seminars and plain old fashioned sales presentations. Allow me to break it down for you,” The Detective began, getting warmed up to his subject.

“The Why is the marketing message. It is the description of the pain you are answering; it makes them look inside themselves and want to listen to you because they want to relieve this pain. No one cares who you are and how great you are, they merely care that you have identified some pain they have, or perhaps become suddenly aware of, and that you perhaps have a solution. WHY you would want my service, NOT here is a service that is extremely wonderful and you really need it, and I am the most amazing practitioner of said service, simply WHY you should listen, because of this pain,” explained The Detective emphasizing the why and the not.

“That seems to make sense sir, pray continue.”

“Ah Watson, perhaps tomorrow, I have lost time today already, and must attend to other things. Besides, we don’t wish our readers to lose a vast amount of their own time today now would we?” asked The Detective, already looking as if he were on to another mystery.

“As you wish, sir.”


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