No Mystery at all

Image courtesy of graur codrin /

Image courtesy of graur codrin /

“So what mystery are we attacking today sir?” I asked, primed for an elaborate explanation of some new marketing or business bungle.

“None, Watson,” came the quiet reply from The Effective Detective.

“None, sir?” I asked in return, puzzled.

“There will be plenty of time for mysteries and cases in the days ahead Watson. Today is a day to relax,” said The Detective, again, quietly.

“Of course, sir, it is Christmas Eve,” I said, finally comprehending.

“Yes, today is Christmas Eve Watson, the day before what is, in a way, the exclamation point to all of the holidays of all beliefs, that rightfully occurs at this time of the year, so near the Winter Solstice when the days begin getting longer again, the prelude to a new beginning that will be marked in just a week.

“For me New Years is for looking forward, this time is more contemplative. To be thankful for those around us. We can look back to examine what went right and what went wrong, focusing more on what went right, so we can do more of that in the coming new year.

“Merry Christmas, sir!” I responded to his solemn contemplation.

“And Merry Christmas to you as well Watson, and to all of our readers, friends, and family!”

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