A Little Planning

todo“Sir, can we relax now?” I asked, knowing we had just completed several major projects.

“Relax, Watson? Surely you jest,” replied The Effective Detective, with a tone that bordered on sarcastic, I just couldn’t tell.

“Sir, we have been working almost non-stop, we have completed the major projects, can’t we go back to a more normal schedule?” I responding, hoping that it clarified my request.

“Yes, Watson, I think the work we have completed deserves a bit of self-congratulation. However, we need to begin our planning for the New Year, in fact I am uncomfortable that we are actually a tad behind the 8-ball given the fast approaching holiday,” fumed The Detective.

“Please tell me that you are not thinking about planning out the entire year in one sitting?” I asked, alarmed.

The Detective gave me a sidelong glance that either indicated irritation, or amusement, I could never tell which, a situation that never failed to create consternation. “Perish the thought, Watson!” he exclaimed. “Our situation is too fluid and dynamic to plan too far ahead. That said, planning a few months ahead might reduce the stress having all of the projects we had coming together now has caused you. It really has gotten to a point where we need to know what is coming down the pike at us and when,” The Detective paused, waiting for me to either argue, or to perhaps jump to and retrieve a calendar and start scheduling.

“Sir, I understand to a degree, but we are not even aware of some of the projects that may come our way,” I argued, feebly.

“Thank you Watson, for once again stating the obvious,” The Detective shot back, now honestly sounding a tad irritated. “However, we do have meetings that occur at regular intervals at regular times. You can note them down can you not? Since we need several weeks planning for some of our endeavors, why not note them? Nothing of course need be written in stone, but it would certainly help us allocate time,” The Detective finished. As usual, talking, even for a short bit relaxed him some bit.

“Ah, like with a dry erase marker!” I almost shouted, finally getting the point.

“Exactly Watson. Planning, like anything else does not have to be definitive, but it does need to be started. Without some sort of plan, we lurch from one emergency to the next. A little forethought can help us avoid such emergencies. It may also stimulate some creative thought,” The Detective replied, sounding downright merry.

“I’ll retrieve the materials and we can get started,” I said as I moved to start getting the needed items.

“Quite so, Watson, it would be nice to take a break towards the end of the year,” The Detective smiled, indicating we might just be able to relax after all at some point. We just needed a little planning.


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