What do you want from life?

work-rest-play“Sir, you look distracted,” I said to The Effective Detective, addressing a rather faraway look he had at the moment.

“What’s that Watson? Sorry, I sometimes get contemplative as a year draws to its end. I was just thinking of an old song by The Tubes, ‘What Do You Want From Life?'” he responded.

“Really sir? An old song that hardly anyone knows can elicit a response like this?” I asked, somewhat alarmed.

“Ah, but what a song Watson. Some rather surreal lyrics, and a spoken ending with some most irreverent statements about ourselves and our society. But I am guessing that you are curious as to what this has to do with marketing and our usual discussions,” The Detective turned his head and gave me one of his signature sidelong glances.

“The thought had crossed my mind,” I admitted.

“Ah your typical understated response, Watson. Very well. As a year ends, it makes sense to review what has transpired over the year, looking for mistakes – something we do too much of, and reliving the successes – something we do too little of, but it also makes sense to reflect on what we truly want from the trials and tribulations that we suffer through in our attempts to birth a business or to continue to grow one. Why are we doing this? I think sometimes we get lost in the vast amounts of work involved in building our businesses,” The Detective paused, obviously expecting my traditional response or question.

“Sir, isn’t the sheer joy of building the business, and hopefully the financial success that comes with it, an end in itself?” I asked.

“Perhaps Watson. but perhaps if you lose yourself in the business, you are just exchanging one form of drudgery for another. I personally choose to occasionally break away and enjoy the fruits of my labor, even if that means I might pass over some opportunities to make money, so I won’t be considered as ‘rich and successful’ as others who never leave the confines of their business – whether at the office or home. I find it interesting how few of my contemporaries are making plans to enjoy what they have done. Take a trip, enjoy time with their children or relatives. They are all spending all of their time trying to build a business that will allow them to claim millionaire status, even it means sacrificing everything else. I say, LIVE A LITTLE!,” The Detective finished.

“Then perhaps sir, we should do just that!” I exclaimed.

“Bravo Watson, let us end this conversation with a glass of sherry and a toast to life,” The Detective returned.

“To living a life outside our business endeavors, sir!”

“To life outside of business, Watson!

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