Much ado about To-do

Sometimes a simple change can be very powerful. Sometimes even the most open to change person can be bull headed and recalcitrant. I saw how both of these statements applied to me this past week.

Once I came around to how powerful a to-do list could be, I was faithful in having a list every day. In fact, I worked to create a fresh to-do list at least 5 days a week for over two years now (I tracked it!)

However, I insisted that I create this to-do list at the start of my day. Even if circumstances forced me to create it later in the day, I was obstinate in my belief that I needed that list on the day I was going to be doing the things on that list.

Then things changed. My morning schedule was disrupted by the requirements of a contract. Plus, my sleep patterns had changed. Suddenly I still had my daily to-do list, but it was consistently being created later and later in the morning. I often ended up starting on items without having my list complete, and I occasionally allowed things to “jump-the-line” because I didn’t have my daily list created.

I was starting to get frustrated.

Finally realizing it couldn’t hurt, and if it did, I could switch back, I started doing my to-do list the night before. Now, I create it just before I go to bed.

The difference is amazing. I feel much more relaxed as I start my day, knowing that when I look at my list on my computer, my work list for the day is already laid out and waiting for me. I can just launch into it.

I had taken what had become a stress point, and made it back into the stress relief it was supposed to be.

When do you create your to-do list? Does it still feel right, or has it become uncomfortable? Most importantly, are you willing to try something new?

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