We don’t need no stinking autoresponders

Public Relations Meaning News Media Press Communication“Sir, are you up for a little Q and A today?” I enquired of The Effective Detective to launch this episode of our weekly talks.

“What? Eh Watson? I suppose so… not as much chance to lecture of course,” replied The Detective with a slight smile on his face.

“Perhaps the answer to every question does not require a lecture sir,” I answered, then continuing on before The Detective could offer a rejoinder, “the question is simple sir, what is an autoresponder, and why do you make them sound so important?”

“Watson, the direct answer is quite simple: an autoresponder is simply a process where a set of emails are sent out to a member of your list that the autoresponder is assigned to. The timing of the emails can be set by you so that there are certain intervals of time before the next email is sent out. The emails are the same for each member of your list who receives the autoresponder emails. That much is fairly simple. Where it gets interesting, is why they are so important,” The Detective paused in his characteristic way. Sometimes I believe he is just winding up in those pauses.

“Please continue sir,” I provided an opening without opening a can of worms by making a comment or perhaps sending the conversation in another direction.

“Quite, Watson. As I was saying, autoresponders are important, although you can work a list without them. They are important in that they give you a chance to respond consistently to every single prospect that comes into your funnel. Their introduction to you can be your best stuff. If they are simply thrust into the world of your e-zines or other content, they may hit something that doesn’t immediately interest them. Or perhaps, perish the thought, you might have a bad day, and simply not be on the top of your game with your content. Whatever the reason, you could start out on the wrong foot with a new potential client. Autoresponder content can be tailored to the promised message. Perhaps it is a multiple part video course. The page that attracted your prospect enticed them with that content. They get what they expect to get, and you gain credibility,” The Detective stopped again. This time, looking at me like he expected more than a perfunctory response.

“It would seem to me sir that is also less work for you. Once the content is done, it is done – well perhaps except for some tweaking here and there. Freeing you up for both your other business responsibilities and more content.”

“I think you have the concept Watson. There are some email services out there that offer you a free version or level. Unfortunately, if autoresponders are one of the features they deny you for free, you are better off spending a little money with them to get the autoresponders. Those first few weeks after they subscribe are critical in getting your prospects to follow you. Best to bring your A game and start the relationship off right,” The Detective concluded.

“You sound like you speak from experience, sir” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“A story for another day Watson.”

No Mystery at all

Image courtesy of graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“So what mystery are we attacking today sir?” I asked, primed for an elaborate explanation of some new marketing or business bungle.

“None, Watson,” came the quiet reply from The Effective Detective.

“None, sir?” I asked in return, puzzled.

“There will be plenty of time for mysteries and cases in the days ahead Watson. Today is a day to relax,” said The Detective, again, quietly.

“Of course, sir, it is Christmas Eve,” I said, finally comprehending.

“Yes, today is Christmas Eve Watson, the day before what is, in a way, the exclamation point to all of the holidays of all beliefs, that rightfully occurs at this time of the year, so near the Winter Solstice when the days begin getting longer again, the prelude to a new beginning that will be marked in just a week.

“For me New Years is for looking forward, this time is more contemplative. To be thankful for those around us. We can look back to examine what went right and what went wrong, focusing more on what went right, so we can do more of that in the coming new year.

“Merry Christmas, sir!” I responded to his solemn contemplation.

“And Merry Christmas to you as well Watson, and to all of our readers, friends, and family!”

a service attitude

charcoal vs. propane



Mel DePaoli sent me this link: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=kool-aid-psychology that what I was thinking clicked. Go read the whole thing, but here is one of the money quotes: “Isn

It can't be that simple!

one less cost

far lower than data acquisition costs. One of the huge barriers to entry in business was the high cost to acquire the data (market sizes, demographic concentrations, interest in a class of product) needed to create the information that intelligent decisions could be based on – if you couldn’t afford it you flew blind. The Internet leveled that barrier. If you are in business (or thinking of starting one), don’t fly blind – there just is not an excuse anymore. ]]>

required sacrifice

goals: the right way and the wrong way to reach them

just doing more of whatever they do, hoping that will boost sales or productivity by whatever imaginary figure someone came up with. The right obvious answer actually is: “By looking at what we did in the past and what is possible now, executing those things and letting the goal take care of itself.” If you want to achieve a goal, you need to put the goal itself aside and concentrate on doing the things that will take you to that goal. Simplistic statements like “work harder” will not get you to a goal. Posting progress to a goal will not get you to the a goal. Doing the things needed to get to that goal will. Measuring those things for effectiveness and changing course as needed will. Posting the things that are working, and push them will. Stop focusing on the goal, and start focusing on the steps to that goal. It will make a huge difference in reaching it.]]>