A Treasure Trove In Your Business
(No Matter How Small You Are)

Whether you have employees or it is just you serving the world, your business has mountains of data just waiting to be mined for information that can expand your business and grow your revenues:

  • What you know about your customers – but aren’t using – is killing you!
  • Do you see your customers once, then never again? You can solve the mystery of the disappearing customer!

The problem isn’t that you don’t have enough data – there is more than enough right in front of you!  You just haven’t been shown how to take advantage of it!

It is a mystery!

Your business creates tons of data every day: customer lists, prospect lists, sales data, your choices of marketing vehicles. even the results of your last few sales calls or customer engagements. A veritable ocean of data! The question is: What can you do with all of that data? What could you learn from it if you could decipher it’s mysteries?

The Effective Detective™ Can Help

“I have a clearer, more expanded view of the issues and possible solutions to the data maintenance of my hypnotherapy business.
Without knowing my business, you understood the flow necessary to achieve the goals of my business plan…”
– Sanna Carapoletti

Imagine sitting down with someone who can help you get a new perspective on your customer, prospect, product, marketing, and sales data. Picture coming up with new ideas and plans that will not only increase your revenue or allow you to expand, but can actually be executed! Right here, right now.

“… After only two hours of discussion, Matt helped us identify the real problems and suggested excellent ways to improve our processes…”
– Ethix Systems

Imagine sitting down with someone who can help you see how to get things done in your business in a whole new light. Picture new, more efficient processes that streamline your workload, lowering costs, going straight to your bottom line.

If you can picture working on your business instead of in your business, then sitting down with me, Matt Tomsho The Effective Detective, as your coach is simply the best decision you can make.

Working together, we will uncover those hidden pots of gold in your business. Those customers that can be buying more from you, those tasks that seem to slip through the cracks that could be engaging clients and generating revenue. Those issues that absorb your day leaving you less time to do the truly critical things your business needs to continue to grow!

Let’s Get Started

If you want to start making things happen in your business, then email me at: matthew@thebakerstreetsolution.com or call me at: 412-212-6605 to schedule a no risk, no obligation call to discover how you can get more business from prospects and existing customers.

I look forward to working with you!

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